Christopher Pioli Game Designer and Programmer

Game developer with four years software engineering experience. Graduate of UC Santa Cruz’s Games and Playable Media Master’s Program.


Computing Languages: C/C++, C# Java (LibGDX), Python

Software: Unity3D, Eclipse, JIRA, Maven, Perforce, Git, Microsoft Word and Excel (Visual Basic for Applications); Photoshop, Illustrator; Maya

Gameplay Programmer - Lava Flow Games LLC - Santa Clara, CANov. 2014 - PresentMaster's thesis: designed and developed a small game about a volcano on a deserted island. (Unity3d)
  • Programming player actions, user-interface components, user-experience systems, and tutorial.
  • Art Producer: met with team lead on a weekly basis, provided feedback on work and guided the direction of asset development.
  • Implementing particle systems, lightning effects, models, textures, animations, and UI assets into Unity3D.
  • Developing camera system to provide cinematic views of the island and its inhabitants.
Teaching Assistant - University of California, Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz, CAJan. 2015 - Mar. 2015Assisted Computer Science professor in beginner’s Python course for undergraduate students.
  • Taught four lab sessions every week, held weekly office hours.
  • Graded programming assignments and quizzes. Printed homework assignment solutions in LaTeX.
  • Provided after-hours E-mail and technical support for all students.
Customer Support Engineer - Objectivity, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA (Contractor)Nov. 2012 - Apr. 2013Investigated customer issues with company’s object database Application Programming Interface.
  • Provided customers with technical support for their product solutions, resolved problems with Objectivity, and raised outstanding issues to quality assurance and software development.
  • Supported the compatibility of project samples in C++, Java and Python with the latest versions of company software, ensuring samples ran on new code base without errors.
  • Developed demonstrations of the company’s proprietary graph database system for with Java Restlets and JavaScript to be used by sales and marketing in landing new customers.
Senior Tester - Electronic Arts - Redwood Shores, CA (Contractor)Jun. 2010 - Jan. 2011Ran manual tests of company's universal transaction system for its Free-to-Play software lineup available in the United States and multiple internactional markets.
  • Catalogued bugs with detailed reproduction steps, logged files and screen captures to improve debugging process.
  • Maintained team’s token generator in Java and Swing; upgraded with additional features improving team productivity.
  • Managed weekly bug triage with Lead Programmer and QA Engineers.
  • Coordinated with members of several AAA development studios within EA, to provide support and feedback ensuring offered products were available by or before deadline.
Associate Software Engineer - Lockheed Martin IS&GS - San Jose, CAApr. 2008 - Oct. 2009Full-time entry-level Software Engineer in Information Services and Global Solutions, working in internal research and development and satellite ground systems.
  • Enhanced web-based content management system: implemented ad-hoc tagging, connected to archive storage system, and configured system’s directory with OpenLDAP.
  • Supported virtual messaging system in a C/C++ object-oriented environment.
  • Authored and executed test scenarios for summary status capability of satellite ground systems, ensured company’s software met customer and stakeholder requirements by their deadline.
  • Renovated code-counting metrics system in Python, Visual Basic, and MS-SQL, enhancing the user interface and increasing team productivity.
Software Engineer/Game Designer - Independent - San Jose, CAMar. 2012 - Mar. 2015Developing color-blending puzzle game prototype for casual audiences on mobile and PC platforms
  • Constructed and developed prototype and IP using Java, LibGDX, and OpenGL.
  • Designed and implemented user-interface and game lifecycle.
  • Developed systems to workaround automated trash collection and allow Mesh objects to behave like sprites and other 2d objects.
Designer - Team Espionage - Santa Clara, CAMar. - Jun. 2015Designed "Espionage", a tabletop role-playing game in the Spring 2015 quarter.
  • Wrote the world's back-story and the summary of each class.
  • Implemented the equipment system and experience curve
  • Built a custom Dungeon Master Screen with detailed summary of all important systems.
  • Published the final document with CreateSpace and found on Amazon's website.
Gameplay Programmer and Designer - Games and Playable Media - Santa Clara, CAOct. 2014Three week prototype built in Java/LibGDX playing a man swimming across a deep, wide river.
  • Created core gameplay loop for players to manage oxygen and stamina while swimming across a body of water.
  • Added sound effects, mixed ambience tracks, and recorded voice over tracks.
  • Implemented swimming physics using Box2D

University of California, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA
2015 - Masters in Games and Playable Media
Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA
2007 - Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Studio Art Minor


Conference Associate - Game Developers Conference (2008 - 2015)
Member - International Game Developers Association (2002 - Present)
Co-Chair of Community Service - Lockheed Martin CHAP (September - October 2009)
Treasurer - Santa Clara University Math/CS Society (2006 - 2007)