Role: Designer

Date: 2010

This is my first board game. The idea behind it can be thought of as “Hey, what if Chinese Checkers focused on the ability to ruin the other players’ progress?” I thoroughly enjoy mechanics that impede rivals’ progression in games like Munchkin and Smash Bros.

Players were given hexagon shaped pieces and tasked with moving them from one side of the board to the other. The slits in the middle of the pieces pointed to adjacent hexagon positions where – if an opponent’s piece were on it – the player’s piece could “flip” the opponent’s piece and move them back a space. If the opponent landed on top of another piece, the flattened piece would be sent back to the start, and if the neighbor piece were against a vertical wall it would flip over the wall.

I commissioned the manufacturing of several small game pieces to properly test out the game, one set of 36 pieces with two-pronged attack, and another set of 36 pieces for three-pronged attack.