Hybrid Harmony Screen

Hybrid Harmony

Role: Designer, Programmer

Tools: Java, LibGDX

Date: 2011 – 2013

The object of the game is to race against time to create blended groups of color. You make new groups (or “vials”) by touching one of the squares (or “cells”) on the 5×5 grid and dragging over neighboring cells to mix their colors together. The closer you are to perfect gray on the black-white spectrum, the slower the timer moves. The difficulty ramps up by increasing the minimum speed of the timer and building walls between the blocks to prevent players from connecting neighboring vials.

This was my first, original video game, and developed before I began my master’s program at UC Santa Cruz. I had a particular aesthetic in mind – finding balance between two extremes – so I prioritized finding that through game design. To that end, I wrote the game in a language I was familiar with and rapidly prototyped the mechanics until I hit a sweet spot. Playtesting garnered a surprising amount of feedback, and new ways to play the game.