Role: Gameplay Programmer, Designer

Tools: Unity3D, C#

Date: November 2014 – Present

Eruption is my Master’s Thesis. It is a 3D game where you are a volcano, and you want to become famous among your fellow volcanoes by making your inhabitants fear and respect you by using your volcanic powers to cause destruction on the island. This game was developed in collaboration with Cody Childers, Alex Zapalac, and Vincent Levy. Art assets were made by our team at San Jose State University and our composer is a member of the Game Audio Network Guild.

We demonstrated the game at MAGFest 2016’s Indie Videogame Showcase, it was Greenlit on Steam on June 28th, 2016, and we have released a final version of the game August 4th, 2017 on Steam here!

I designed the in-game user interface to be simple and intuitive. The instruction I provided the artists was to use mnemonic images to convey the purpose of icons to the player so they could intuitively determine their usage. The UI is so effective that most play-testers understood how to play the game with minimal instructions.

Other responsibilities I had include the Tutorial – writing the script, designing custom camera angles, and programming a set of events to guide the player – programming the camera system, and importing all our art assets into the game. Most importantly, I designed and implemented the volcanic powers. Each power was designed with a different damage radius and range of effect, forcing players to exercise strategic thinking in order to progress through each level.

After graduation I designed the last eight levels and designed the level ordering to so players could reapply concepts they learned from previous levels into future levels; exhaustive testing was done to ensure each level’s goals were feasible and fit into the progressive order we wanted for players. Lastly, I designed a fourth and final island (upon players’ requested) so they could practice using their powers freely. It was designed with a variety of obstacles and terrain types players encounter in the main game, and feedback has been positive.


What follows are our trailers and a playthrough of the tutorial.